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Web Design

I strive to create websites that reflect the spirit and flavor of the individual or company I am representing.

"simple yet sophisticated"

The dynamics of web design stands alone in a different realm than print design.
One needs take into account changing space and dynamic issues for each site and each individual viewer.
The challenge is the fun.


Performance Showcase 2004
San Francisco, CA




Starnberger - Land of Five Lakes
Dr. Rudolf Huber
City of Munich


Blomeyer Communicators

Strategic Marketing
Berlin, Germany


Protein Research

Manufacturer of Nutritional Products
Hayward, CA


Beth Ross

Fine Art / Digital Design
San Francisco, California  USA


Hilde Overberg
Fine Art / Painter
Brussels, Belgium




Last Laugh Coffin & Urn Company
Oakland, California  


Design Studio of Sabine Allamoda
Fashion Design
Düsseldorf, Germany



Judith Anderson
Fine Art / Painter
San Francisco, CA


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