babaLou's Pupe are showcased at:

Friday the 13th Gallery
331Portrero Ave
San Francisco, CA


The BabyDolls shown here are only the latest in a series of BabyDoll installations over the past 15 years for artist babaLou. Also known as Jujus and Pupe (German for baby doll), babaLou’s babies have been shown at galleries and installation/performances in both Germany and the United States. Most notable include:
• Element Art / Collage Gallery, West Berlin
• Pupp-e-Rama / Freidrichshain Gallery / East Berlin
• Swartsberg Gallery / Munich
• Michigan Gallery / Detroit
• Twin Palms Gallery / San Francisco
• Friday the 13th Gallery / San Francisco

The BabyDolls are all used toys. Found at rummage shops, babaLou ‘wipes clean’ the previously neglected dolls down to a bare canvas she can then add to and augment until the BabyDoll emerges with a new spirit, a new, magical creature. “I build them up until they’re finished, until they somehow feel final,” says babaLou. “In the end they’re all special; I put my magic and feeling into them, and then they begin a new life.”

In a relentless pursuit to ultimately integrate metamorphic change which represents the exterior of the image and the metaphysical manipulation of the object (its essence), babaLou moved from illustration and painting to three dimensional work. She began with Performance, emphasizing form and movement. After a number of years of collaboration, babaLou progressed into a more subjective application, her BabyDolls. Fascinated with animation, and the chance relation ships that occur with found materials, she turned to inanimate objects.

Born and raised in Detroit, Michigan, babaLou moved to West Berlin in 1980, where she began her work in performance art, and on the Puppen, in earnest. Five years later, babaLou moved to San Francisco, taking a growing number of BabyDolls with her. She and the BabyDolls have lived in San Francisco ever since, where she works with a variety of commercial multimedia/video production/web design companies, constructs model fabrications and works as a consultant for events production as well as continuing her work in performance art.

Continuing Work with Theater and Performance Art Groups:
Survival Research Laboratories
The Berkeley Shipyard
Osseus Labyrint
Flaming Lotus Girls
• Big Fun Productions / Circus Celluloid

Work In Progress: Pupe, a traditional stop-action animation film


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